Topcon DT-300 Series Theodolites


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The DT-300 is a lightweight compact alignment and angular measurement device which uniquely boasts up to 30 working days of power

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New Durable, Precise Layout Tool!
Topcon has taken the trusted, dependable DT-200 platform and built the DT-300, which boasts several modern enhancements customers have been waiting for!
The DT-300 is a lightweight compact alignment and angular measurement device which uniquely boasts up to 30 working days of power, the highest waterproof and dust protection, and convenient high precision laser guidance.


High-Accuracy Digital Theodolites

  • High-accuracy (5”, 7” and 9” models) measurements
  • Ultra-rugged IP66 dust and heavy rain protection
  • Compact and light weight
  • Long-lasting Li-ion or AA battery life
  • Easy-to-use LCD backlit display(s)
  • Precise laser pointer guidance
  • Embedded tilt sensor for 5” and 7” models

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Dimensions N/A

DT-305 (5"), DT-305L (5" Laser Pointer), DT-307 (7"), DT-307L (7" Laser Pointer), DT-309 (9"), DT-309L (9" Laser pointer)


Length 149mm,  152mm (L models)
Aperture 45mm
Magnification 30X
Image Erect
Field of view 1°30’ (26m/1,000m)
Resolving power 2.5″
Minimum focus 0.9m, 1.0m(L)
Stadia ratio 100
Stadia constant 0

Angle Measurement
Method Rotary absolute encoder
Detecting Horizontal: 1 sides, Vertical: 1 sides

Minimum Reading
5″ Model: 1″  ( 5″ / 1″ selectable )
7″ Model: 5″ ( 10″ / 5″ selectable)
9″ Model: 10″ ( 20″ / 10″ selectable)

5″, 7”, 9”

2 sides for 5” and 7” model
1 side for 9” model

Tilt angle compensation (5” and 7” models)
Type Automatic vertical compensator
Range of compensation: ±3′ (±0.0555 gon)
Compensation constant: Can be changed (compensation is done at the same time with vertical angle 0 point)

Optical plummet
Magnification 3X
Minimum focus 0.5 m

Sensitivity of levels
Circular level 10’ /2mm
Plate vial 30″/ 2mm

Power Supply
Power source
4 AA dry cells or BDC71 (Optional accessory)
Operating Time (4 AA alkaline batteries)
Theodolite only about 230 hours
Laser only about 80 hours (L Models)
Theodolite and laser about 55 hours (L Models)
Operating time (BDC71)
Theodolite only about 300 hours
Laser only about 100 hours (L models)
Theodolite and laser about 70 hours (L models)

Laser-pointer (L Models)
Signal source
Red laser diode (633nm)
Maximum output
0.6mW Laser Class Class 2 Laser beam range 50m (in daylight)

Ingress Protection
Dust and water resistance IP66 (JIS C 0920 : 2003)
Operating temperature range -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)*2

Hardware temperature range -30 to 60°C (-22 to 140°F) (no condensation)

Size (with handle)
5″ and 7″ Models: 173 (W) X 181 (D) X 318 (H) mm
9″ Models: 173 (W) X 174 (D) X 318 (H) mm

Weight (with batteries and battery holder)
5″ and 7″ Models: 4.1 kg (9.04 lb)
9″ Models: 4.0 kg (8.82 lb)


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