Topcon RC-2R Remote Control


Topcon RC-2R Quick-Lock Remote works with Topcon 800/8000/820/8200 series robotic total station.



Topcon RC-2R remote control unit provides fast, simple acquisition of your Topcon 800, 810, 8000, 0r 8200 series robotic station.  When job site obstacles disrupt the tracking laser, RC2R Quick-lock re-acquires lock at the press of a button. This results in reliable prism lock and better performance where fast or erratic movements can be expected. RC-2R can also be used to communicate between the total station and your data collector without using radios.

Compatible with RC-2H instrument handle and Topcon GTS-800A, GTS-810, GPT-8000A, GPT-8200A series robotic total stations.


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