Topcon RL-VH3B Interior Laser


Condition:  Not in Working Order.  Being sold for parts only.

Serial:  UU0637

Warranty:  14 day return for refund.  Buyer pays return shipping.

Components Included:  Hard Case.  Power Supply Cord.  Wall Mount Bracket.  RC-30 Remote Control: S/N 3K0849.

Compare to Original Retail Price:  $3,395.00


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Topcon RL-VH3B Interior Laser

Not in Working Order.  Being sold for parts only.

  • The RL-VH3B Interior Laser includes a wall mount, rechargeable battery pack, 2 ceiling targets, 1 x alignment target and charger.
  • The RL-VH3B Topcon Interior Laser is equipped with many “Smart” features, improved battery life, excellent spot quality, and a full function optional remote.
  • Smartscan
  • Smartline
  • Smartplumb
  • Vertical (up only) Beam
  • Vertical Accuracy: 15in
  • Horizontal Accuracy: 10in
  • Rotating Speed: 30 – 600 rpm
  • Self Levelling Range: 5°
  • Operating Range: 100m (300′) Diameter, or 500mm with LS-70
  • Power Source: Rechargeable/Alkaline Batteries, AC/12vDC
  • Laser Classification: Less than 5mw/Class IIIA
  • Water and Dust proof
  • Remote control included
  • Wall Mounting Bracket