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Checking the depth of a cut is a necessary step that excavation contractors must take to ensure their work meets design elevations. Conventional methods require sending a person into an excavation with a grade rod while another person reads the depth from a tripod-mounted level.

But that process not only potentially puts an employee in harm’s way, it is also inefficient. When iDigs’ cab mounted led indicator is green you’re where you need to be




iDig includes a sensor that measures pitch, roll and machine rotation. It is the most accurate product under the widest variety of applications.

iDig gives you affordable bucket position indication for all excavating equipment with 3 easy steps:

  1. Put the bucket teeth on the reference point.
  2. Enter your desired depth, slope or distance into the control box.
  3. Follow the LED Indications….It’s that simple!

Why Use An iDigSystem?
Your machine provides you with most everything you require except the exact location of your bucket.
When iDigs’ cab mounted led indicator is green you’re where you need to be.

How Does iDig Work?
Electronic angle sensors wirelessly communicate with each other and the control box to calculate the real-time position of the bucket teeth or cutting edge.

Product Advantages:

  • Designed and developed to enable easy Installation and calibration.
  • Eliminates wasted fuel and machine downtime waiting for a grade check.
  • Gives the operator the information right in the cab
  • Easily handles tough jobsite conditions
  • Compact, heavy duty, water and dirt proof
  • Solar charging means no extra work at day’s end
  • Radio communication means no cable breakage to worry about


Use One iDig System For Multiple Machines!

  • Different jobs mean different machines and different buckets. Go from excavator to backhoe to mini
  • Once set, iDig recognizes the machine and bucket
  • Get one for all the machines in your fleet, or buy one to use on your various rental machines
  • iDig recognizes multiple buckets, including tilt buckets (iDig touch)
  • Optional accessories: chassis sensor for non-center pivot machines, 2nd boom sensor, combo (sensor & laser receiver and 2D sensor)


iDig Touch 2D (IDIG610)

  • Next generation
  • Large color screen for best visibility
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Integrated video for FAQs
  • Intuitive with built-in Help Menu
  • Can be installed on over 1,000 combinations of machines and buckets


Additional information


iDig Touch 1D System, iDig Touch 2D System

Kits Include

1] Transport case
2] Soft carrying case
3] 1 LED display – 4 support plates – 4 sensors (2 mini angle sensors – 1 2D sensor and 1 combo sensor) – Adhesives and Cleaner
4] Control box – Control box cradle
5] 2 quick connect cables – car cigarette lighter power cable
6] Laser Pointer accessories – 1 Target – 2 suction cup brackets – 5/8 Adapter
7] For the 1st installation: Laser XB 525



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