Sokkia iX/iM/CX/FX/SX Battery & Charger


Sokkia & Topcon Battery and Charger for the following series of robotic and conventional total stations

Sokkia: iX / SX / RC-5 / RC-5a / iM-100 / CX-100 / FX

Topcon: GT / PS / RC-5 / RC-5a / GM-100 / ES / OS


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The BDC72 grey Li-Ion Battery for Topcon and Sokkia total stations. This grey higher capacity battery replaces the older BDC70 black battery which has gone out of production.
Compatible with : Topcon: GT / PS / RC-5 / RC-5a / GM-100 / ES / OS /      Sokkia: iX / SX / RC-5 / RC-5a / iM-100 / CX-100 / FX

Note: this battery is NOT compatible with the old black CDC68 charger. Instead, it requires the new grey CDC77 charger 1038707-01.

5,986 mAh
43.09 Wh
Charging time 8 hours

The CDC77 Battery Charger charges the new grey BDC71 and BDC72 Li-Ion batteries.

Input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Output: DC8.28V 1.2Ax2

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Battery (only) BDC72, Charger (only) CDC77, Battery and Charger Kit BDC72 CDC77


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