Trimble SPS750 GPS Base Station

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Trimble SPS750 Modular GPS Receiver – rapid setup and flexible operation in both base station and rover applications.

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Trimble SPS750 Modular GPS Receiver

Modularity provides the ability to choose the appropriate Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna for the application, Zephyr Geodetic Model 2 at the base station and the Zephyr Model 2 for the mobile units. The GPS and Radio antennas can be mounted high in permanent and semi-permanent base station applications so that they are clear from obstructions and provide maximum radio coverage, while the receiver and radio are locked in a secure environment safe from theft and the weather. The choice of radio antennas allows them to be either attached to the receiver itself for mobile base station and rover applications or equipped with high gain or directional antenna for maximum range on large job sites.

SPS750 Max Receiver Features
• Base station and rover operation in a single receiver
• Integrated receive/transmit radio
• 5/10 Hz measurement update rate
• Unrestricted rover operational range
• Operates within a VRS network for base station-free rover capability
• Rover operates with OmniSTAR HP or XP services for base station-free rover capability with <30cm (1 foot) accuracy
• Supports moving base

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